About Us

About Us

Our Mission

Our Vision

Our History

Our Service Area

Our Team

About Us

Hospice Care of Middletown is a not-for-profit health care organization licensed in Ohio as a provider of hospice and palliative care services and certified for those services by Medicare and Medicaid. Our services are provided in a manner consistent with professional standards of practice and principles and we are committed to exceptional service quality and meet the highest standards of care.

We specialize in providing hospice care in the patient’s home, wherever the patient calls home:  their private residence, assisted living, or skilled nursing facility.  If circumstances call for a hospice inpatient unit, we have access to beds in area hospice inpatient facilities.  We continue making nursing visits and managing patient care while the patient is in the inpatient facility.

We have had the honor and privilege of participating in the care of thousands of patients and families facing life-limiting conditions. And we bring that understanding and experience to our hospice care. We care for the whole person…physical, emotional, and spiritual, and focus on the relief of both pain and other symptoms.

Support for caregivers and families is a hallmark of our hospice tradition. We work with them so that they can confidently care for their loved ones. 

Our Mission

The mission of Hospice Care of Middletown is to enhance quality of life, maintain dignity, and provide comfort in life’s final stages.

Our Vision

The vision of Hospice Care of Middletown is to be recognized as the premier provider of comprehensive, individualized care for persons in the last stage of terminal illness.

Our History

For over 35 years, Hospice Care of Middletown has provided the highest-quality professional services for families living in the greater Middletown area and surrounding counties. Our roots extend back to Middletown’s first hospice founded in 1980.Hospice Care of Middletown began in a small, three room space in the Church of the Ascension in Middletown, consisting of six employees assisted by six volunteers.

Today, Hospice Care of Middletown has about 30 employees and over 50 volunteers, serving in excess of 150 patients and families per year.As your “hometown hospice” and the only community-based, not-for-profit hospice headquartered in the Middletown area, we pledge to preserve and protect local jobs and businesses by using local staff, pharmacies, vendors, equipment providers, and other community resources.

Our Service Area

Hospice Care of Middletown serves Butler, Warren, Preble, Montgomery and Hamilton counties in Ohio.

Our Team

Hospice Care of Middletown is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization.  We are governed and guided by a volunteer Board of Trustees.  Listed below are the members of the Board of Trustees for the current fiscal year:

Joseph Mulligan-Chairperson

Anna Pruett-Vice Chairperson

Betsy Rossi-Treasurer

Dr. Ray E. Kiefhaber-Secretary

Jessie Aponte

Kent Bradshaw

Steve Dillman

Rebekah Anderson Giuffre

Dr. E. Ronald Hale

Chuck Inwood

Sarah Kaup

Mike Scorti

Dr. Jon Sulentic


Our Interdisciplinary Team

Because Hospice cares for the whole person, not just a medical condition, a group of highly skilled professionals work as an interdisciplinary team to support the family as well as the patient by providing physical, emotional, and spiritual support.

Medical Director:  The hospice Medical Director has overall responsibility for ensuring qualified medical direction and consultation for the delivery of hospice services and programs.  The Medical Director provides oversight of physician services by complementing attending physician care, acting as a medical resource to our interdisciplinary team, and assuring appropriate measures to control patient symptoms.  The hospice Medical Director can also perform attending physician duties for our hospice patients if the patient so chooses.

             Medical Director:       Dr. Richard Chamberlain, D.O.

Nurse: A registered nurse will be responsible for monitoring the patient’s condition and coordinating all phases of patient care. The nurse will visit periodically as determined by the patient’s condition to assess physical status, provide care for pain and symptom management, and to help the patient and caregiver learn how to best manage patient care.

The frequency of visits is adjusted according to changes in the patient’s condition. Because these changes may occur at any time, an on-call nurse will be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for emergencies.

            Clinical Director:        Beth McGuire, RN

            Registered Nurses:     Janet Buskirk

                                              Nannie Ferrell

                                              Kirsten Fischer

                                              Dawn Hounshell

                                              Julia Nenni

                                              Heather Riley

                                              Sarah See


Licensed Practical Nurses:     Patricia Ballard

                                              Monica Lynch

                                              Warren Pierce

                                              Heather Rodgers

                                              Bobbie Tharp

                                              Lorna Tucker

                                              Mary Anne Vice

                                              Dru Yutzy

Hospice Aide: All of our aides are state tested and certified by the State of Ohio. They are trained to provide personal care such as bathing assistance, skin care, and mouth care.


State Tested Nurse Aides:     Bonnie Duff-Supervisor

                                             Katelynn Hart

                                             Whitney Osborne

                                             Ricki Robinson

                                             Angela Settle


Medical Social Worker: Illness creates new stresses and changes for the patient and the patient’s family. A family may have changes in routine, responsibilities, feelings, and finances, among other things. It can help to talk with someone trained and knowledgeable about these kinds of stresses. For this reason, a medical social worker is part of our care team. Together with the hospice nurse, the social worker provides education and counseling, and helps identify other community resources that may be available.


            Social Workers:        Lori Clements, BSW

                                            Tamara Condit, BSW

                                            Jeaneen Rausch, MSW

Chaplain: The chaplain can assist the hospice patient and family in drawing on their own belief system and/orfaith and religious tradition to help cope with the impact of terminal illness. The

chaplain is available to our patientsand caregivers according to their expressed wishes.


            Chaplain:                  June Downing


Bereavement: A Bereavement Counselor offers a wide range of services designed to help

individuals and families cope with the loss of a loved one. Services include individual

counseling, group support and timely written information to assist in understanding

the grief process.

Bereavement Counselor:      Judy Vincent, LSW

Volunteers: Our hospice volunteers are an integral part of our care team.  They can visit on a regular basis or for a one-time need. They provide companionship, provide respite time for caregivers, and help with many other tasks. Volunteers participate in extensive orientation and specialized training provided by Hospice Care of Middletown.We currently have over 50 volunteers who are providing these wonderful services for our patients and their families.